Year 5



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Core text

The Railway Children (guide)


Beowulf / additional text

‘The Highway- man’ (Poem)

The Tempest (guide)


Romeo and Juliet

The Hobbit (guide)

Chip the Glasses and Crack the Plates’ and ‘Far Over the Misty Mountains’ (from The Hobbit) (Poem)

Shackleton's Journey/ additional text


Principles of chemistry

States of matter

Periodic table

Forces and motion

Changing forces

Anatomy and physiology

Organ systems


Additional practical work

Further exploration of the wide variety of living organisms in the natural world

Time to help build pupils' fluency with use of Word and Excel.


Flowcharts and programming


Life cycles


The Rise of Islam.

the Byzantine Empire under Justinian

the birth of Islam in Arabia*

Arab conquests in the Middle East, North Africa and Spain

Anglo Saxon England.

Anglo-Saxon migrations to Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries

The formation of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms

The Vikings.

Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire

Viking raids on Britain in the ninth century

Alfred of Wessex and the creation of England

England and the Vikings.

Norse and Danish culture and social structures*

Viking ships and navigation

Scandinavian settlement in

The Norman Conquest.

The creation of the kingdoms of England and Scotland

The 'Second Viking Age' and the reign of Canute

Local History: Norwich Cathedral.

Reading a Building

The Normans

The Gothic

Reformation and Restoration

Caring for Cathedrals


Team relationships


Living in the Wider World

Be yourself relationships

It’s my body

Health and Wellbeing

Money matters Living in the Wider World

Aiming High

Health and Wellbeing


As part of the rolling programme, Year 5 are currently following the second year of the KS2 curriculum - Year 4 content


Formal Elements: Texture


Subject Matter: Musical Instruments/ Cubism


Artist Focus: Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque


Art History:



Materials: instrument, photography of instruments, scissors, trimmers, glues, paints, oil pastels


Assessment: Primary Observational Drawing



Subject Matter: Pattern & Colour in Landscapes


Artist Focus:



Art History:

Modern Art


Materials: camera, photos of norwich and surrounding area,water based pastels, pastels, acrylic paint



Subject Matter:

Human Figure


Artist Focus: Leonardo Da Vinci Art History: Renaissance


Materials: pencils, pencil, ink and pen,


Assessment: Primary Observational Drawing



Subject Matter: Abstract Art & Artefacts


Artist Focus:

Joan Miro


Art History: Abstract Expressionism


Materials: foam printing, printing from objects, using found object for printing.



Subject Matter: Objects and abstraction/ Use of negative spaces


Artist Focus:

Anish Kapoor


Art History: Contemporary Art Materials: objects, different materials, metallica, clay, mod roc.


Assessment: Primary Observational Drawing

Mixed Media


Subject Matter: Landscapes and abstraction.

Simplifying images to a minimal form


Artist Focus:

Piet Mondrian


Art History:

De Stijl


Materials: photographs,magazin es collage, tape, paper card, paint




Circuit training







Create longer and more complex sequences and adapt performances

Develop symmetry individually, as a pair and in a small


Perform different styles of dance fluently and clearly

Refine & improve dances adapting them to include the use of space rhythm &


To play effectively in a variety of positions and formations on the pitch

Relate a greater number of attacking and


To confidently use specific handball skills in games, for example, dribbling, blocking, shooting and keeping goal

To begin to play effectively in


Explore ways of communicating in a range of challenging activities

Navigate and solve problems from memory


Introduce Volley shots and Overhead shots

Apply new shots into game situations

Play with others to score and defend



Compare performances and judge strengths and areas for improvement

Select a

component for improvement. For example—timing or flow


Worked collaboratively in groups to compose simple dances

Recognise and comment on dances suggesting ideas for improvement

defensive tactics to gameplay

Become more skilful when performing movements at speed

different positions on the pitch in both attack and defence

To increase power and strength of passes, moving the ball over longer distances

Use a wide range of handball rules consistently

Develop and use trust to complete the task and perform under pressure

points in competitive games

Further, explore Tennis service rules



Families and people who care for me

Caring friendships

Respectful relationships

Online relationships – including Internet safety

Changing adolescent body

Physical heath and fitness

Mental wellbeing

Drugs, alcohol and tobacco

Health and prevention

Basic first aid