Teaching and Learning


In Reception and Year 1, we teach children to read using the Read Write Inc. system of phonics teaching, providing them with the ability and confidence to sound out both familiar and new words. Children are regularly assessed to ensure they are in the right group for their stage of reading development.

In addition to phonics, all children are given the opportunity to learn about interesting stories and poetry in their daily English lesson; children are encouraged to not only write and talk about what they have learned, but also perform their new stories in assemblies to the rest of the school. We work with local colleges and charitable organisations to provide opportunities for many children to have regular and additional individual reading sessions with an adult.

Children in Key Stage 2 (KS2) have daily grammar, handwriting and spelling lessons. Classes study classic stories and reading and writing practice is based on these texts. All pupils in KS2 are expected to write every day and these writing tasks are usually in response to or about the stories they are reading. Older pupils are also given plenty of confidence-boosting opportunities to write in weekly history, geography, RE and science lessons. All classes have a daily independent or guided reading session to build stamina and to develop understanding of what they read.  




In Reception year, we teach maths using ‘Mathematics Mastery’ which is based on the very successful methods used in Singapore together with elements of Shanghai mathematics, focusing on fluency in the basics. Equipment is used regularly, and topics are taught for several weeks to avoid moving on before children have really understood what they are learning.

Older children are taught using ‘Connecting Maths Concepts’ which is a comprehensive program that highlights the relationships among key maths concepts and their applications, with an emphasis on the right amount of practice to encourage fluency in the basics, confidence and the ability to problem solve. Children also enjoy weekly opportunities to go for a ‘PB’ (personal best) in their maths facts and arithmetic tests, and those who have achieved a significant PB are awarded a ‘Mathematician of the Week’ certificate in our achievement assembly.

Wider curriculum

History, geography, religious education and science subjects are taught as individual, weekly lessons. Children benefit from a knowledge-rich curriculum which has been designed by specialist subject leaders and implemented in a thoughtful, coherent way with plenty of embedded opportunities for challenge and creativity.

In order to further enrich children’s learning, staff regularly organise interesting, informative and exciting trips and experiences based on what the children have been learning in class. Further, we regularly invite speakers and experts to share their knowledge with children.

All children at Norwich Primary Academy have a weekly music lesson which is usually taught by a visiting music specialist; they also have the opportunity to learn an instrument or to take part in music enrichment clubs.