School celebrates best ever phonics results

July 16th 2019

Norwich Primary Academy is celebrating after a record number of children passed its Year 1 phonics screening check.

Pupils at the school achieved an 83% pass rate in the 2019 test, which shows whether children can recognise all 44 sounds in the English language and blend them to read any word.

The children have to read 40 words of increasing difficulty, including made-up 'nonsense' words, and must be able to read at least 32 of the words to pass the check.

In 2018 the average pass rate across schools in Norfolk was 80%.

Norwich Primary’s success follows a targeted effort to boost literacy in the school, with Year 1 children taking part in ten minutes of dedicated phonics revision every day.

Pupils who needed additional support had an extra daily session to improve their reading confidence.

Vice principal Heather Denny said: “Once children know all the phonics, they can blend sounds swiftly, which improves fluency and opens the door to the joy of reading.

“Our amazing Year 1 children and their teachers have achieved fantastic results in this year’s test and we look forward to their continued reading adventures in September.”